Thomas J. D’Agostino Sr.

Thomas J. D’Agostino Sr. has been performing home inspections on Long Island since 1980. Tom Sr. is an accomplished Professional Engineer. He started his own home inspection business and taught his son the ins and outs of inspecting.

Thomas J. D’Agostino Jr.

Thomas J. D’Agostino Jr. has been doing home inspections on Long Island for 24 years. He started training as a teenager under his father’s guidance, working for Island Wide Home Inspection Service, and later founded Long Island Home Inspection Associates. He is a NYS Licensed Home Inspector and ASHI Certified Inspector. American Society of Home Inspectors is the most recognized and reputable home inspector organization in the nation ( Along with being an inspector, Tom has ample experience in renovating homes and has worked as a renovation contractor for a number of years. His knowledge and experience with regards to home maintenance and safety is invaluable when purchasing a new home.